Data Erasure

Securing Your Data

Strict government regulations and industry standards demand that organizations mitigate their risk of unauthorized exposure of confidential data. Failure to comply can damage a company’s reputation and result in fines, as well as civil and criminal liability.

Rapid changes in technology lead to shorter lifespans for IT equipment, and those shorter lifespans present a challenge when it comes to securing confidential data. Data destruction—which renders a drive unusable and creates recyclable waste—is one solution. A better solution is data erasure, which permanently removes all information from a drive while leaving the disk operable.

Data erasure extends the life of IT assets, which improves their return on investment and helps preserve the environment by reducing waste.

Service You Can Trust

At Breakaway Technologies, we’re serious about keeping your data safe. We have the ability to destroy data on all areas of hard disk drives and ensure that every drive that passes through our facility is wiped clean. On the rare occasion when we’re unable to wipe a drive, we pull and destroy it rather than allow it to be remarketed.

We have the ability to wipe data to both NIST800-88 and DoD5220.52m standards and provide a comprehensive audit trail as proof of erasure. Our processes also meet HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley certification requirements.

Breakaway currently wipes these drives: SCSI, IDE, SAS, SATA and FC.

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