Case Studies

Meeting the Challenges

While we hope that our clients consider the outcome of every assignment they give us a “success story,” some jobs are more demanding than others. Here a just a few of the big challenges we’ve met head on.

Challenge: Replicate Our System

An East Coast subsidiary of a Fortune 10 company contracted with Breakaway to set up an exclusive, long-term PC remarketing and auditing program that mirrored our own operations. During this three-year contract, we helped position the subsidiary to:
  • Leverage underutilized people and space more effectively
  • Diversify their product line
  • Increase revenues and profitability.
Using the company's extensive resources, we duplicated our processes, procedures and overall approach to asset management. One of our staff members worked onsite one week each month as the only non-employee with full access to the facility, personnel and policies. Responsibilities included training staff, creating process maps and documentation, wiping drives and remarketing gear, and assisting with the creation of an Oracle database to track assets and sales.

This assignment provided external validation of the Breakaway difference.

Challenge: Manage a Volatile Situation

A major leasing company hired Breakaway to organize and lead a team to handle a court-ordered repossession of medical and technology equipment in a remote Midwest facility. We were charged with de-installing, packing and transporting equipment in an environment where the equipment lessee was adversarial and would not speak to team members.

We deployed a team of medical imaging equipment experts and IT specialists within 24 hours and completed the job in just three days, meeting the leasing customer’s deadline and without incurring complaints from the lessee. Completion of his type of project typically takes from seven to ten days.

This assignment demonstrated both our ability to mobilize quickly and our skill at handling a volatile situation with the highest degree of professionalism.

Challenge: Redeploy Across North America

Breakaway was chosen as the sole provider to handle the in-house redeployment program for a Fortune 15 company over a four-year period.

All of the company’s off-lease PC and related equipment was returned to our warehouse, where we documented serial numbers, provided detailed audit reports, wiped data, and repaired equipment as needed. We then loaded customer-supplied software, cleaned, packed and redeployed the equipment throughout their North American operations. We maintained a less than 1% Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) rate and handled 1,000+ units annually.

This program saved our customer significant money and resources and gave equipment a second—and sometimes a third—life.

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